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The Breath of Life William L. Edelen

The Breath of Life

William L. Edelen

Published May 10th 2013
ISBN : 9781484190166
130 pages
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 About the Book 

In the Lakota tradition, William Edelen, through both his age and lifes journey, bespeaks the status of holy man. Revered by elders, he smokes of an ancient sacred pipe. While in his 90th year Bill experienced two significant spiritual encounters with nature. This collection of prescient essays honors those experiences. One experience was a face to face meeting with a praying mantis while visiting the hallowed estate of Krishnamurti. The mantis symbolizes stillness, calm, patience, balance and intuition. It is revered in many cultures as the presence of God and a search for the great hunger which is love... a love as though love were in the very blood and bone of ourselves. The second encounter was the gift of a new bovine tissue aortic valve implanted into his heart. Now fortified with the HEART OF A BULL, Bill shares his insights on LIFE RENEWAL and the very BREATH OF LIFE... as he continues his lifes journey along the path of his mentor Joseph Campbell, whose mystical guidance told him to keep pointing them toward the Mystery. This collection of essays continues his mystical journey TOWARD THE MYSTERY.